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“Aakash Chopra Slams Indore Pitch: ‘It’s Not to My Liking’ in IND vs AUS Clash”

Television"Aakash Chopra Slams Indore Pitch: 'It's Not to My Liking' in IND vs AUS Clash"

The Indore wicket has come under fire from former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra, who has hit out at the pitch for not being to his liking.

The pitch at the Holkar Stadium in Indore has been the subject of much debate in recent times, with many questioning its suitability for Test cricket.

Chopra, who is currently commentating on the ongoing India-Australia series, has been particularly vocal in his criticism of the pitch.

“These kinds of pitches are not to my liking,” Chopra said. “It’s not a good pitch for Test cricket. It’s a good pitch for T20 cricket, but not for Test cricket.”

Chopra went on to explain that the pitch was too flat and lacked the kind of variation that is necessary for a good Test match.

“The pitch is too flat,” he said. “It’s not offering any assistance to the bowlers. There’s no bounce, no seam movement, no spin. It’s just a flat track.”

Chopra also pointed out that the pitch was not conducive to good batting either, as it was too slow and lacked the kind of pace that is necessary for batsmen to score runs.

“The batsmen are finding it difficult to score runs,” he said. “The ball is not coming onto the bat and the batsmen are struggling to time the ball.”

Chopra’s comments come at a time when the Indian cricket board is under pressure to produce better pitches for Test cricket.

The board has already taken steps to improve the quality of pitches in the country, but it remains to be seen if the Indore wicket will be one of the beneficiaries of this initiative.

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