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Arman Khan: The Leap From An IT Graduate To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

EntrepreneurArman Khan: The Leap From An IT Graduate To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Arman Khan, born and raised in Delhi, is a successful entrepreneur, director, scriptwriter, and producer. He completed his education in IT and pursued an MBA from a top-ranked business school in the US. After starting his career as a model in 2005, Arman directed numerous television shows for Indian television.

Today, Arman is among the most highly-known entrepreneurs in Dubai and the Middle East. He owns and directs WeTel television, Dubai’s first English-language-based information channel providing regional news and content. He is known for his creative ventures with ideas that help society progress, making him an inspiration for his fans and a business tycoon who shares informative content on his social media platforms. Arman is highly active on his professional LinkedIn account, providing opportunities for aspiring youth and employment seekers.

Arman is also a motivating individual who actively shares knowledge with his fans via his YouTube channel, where he has 2.24k subscribers under the WeTel channel. His personal website lists his accomplishments and upcoming ventures. He is a media icon and is recognized to have business ties with prominent Bollywood personalities and worked on prestigious projects in artificial intelligence, information technology, and music.

Arman is an all-around versatile personality who has found success in various industries. He is a well-respected and influential figure in India and the UAE, thanks to his work in the entertainment industry, business, and philanthropy.

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