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National Integration Through Writing by Mayaa SH

PeopleNational Integration Through Writing by Mayaa SH

There is a deep relationship between literature and society. The writer creates his or her concepts  only by living in the society. A writer expresses whatever is happening in the society in a special perception in his or her  own identity as well based on experiences gathered from the external environment as well . Great craft is expresssed through communication, which affects the society at large. It initiates the process of circulation in the society. It works to inspire people and at the other hand it underlines the happiness of truth and provides learning and education by putting a beautiful end to despair and ingrate elements in the moral fabric of a civoc society or any civilisation. Good literature is also helpful in building a person and his or her character. This is the reason why literature plays a central role in the new construction of the society.

The basic element of literature is everyone’s interest. When anybody starts expressing the feelings that arise in his or her mind through writing, then that creativity is called literature in the form of an enlightening expression. The social philosophy of the literature is full of exclusion of religious moral values supporting the exploitative form of traditions and system that no longer serves anybody. The inspirations of life and literature are the same. Society and literature have an interdependent relationship.It is the integration of mind and the intellect together woven togather in the sunbeams of expressions of life . Those expressions that are mean to create a change in the mindset of many towards creating an environment that is amicable towards peace and solidarity . The transparency of literature helps in the innovation of the society, which exposes the flaws and also presents their solutions. Literature works for the innovation of the society by realistic depiction of society, depiction of social reform and lively expression of the contexts of the society.

Human relations are the main basis of literature. Literature is created by humans for humans, on the basis of human relationships. Whatever the subject matter of literature, it is based on human relation, human sensitivity and human feelings only. Literature cannot be seen apart from human relation. Its main basis is human relations. Whether it is God or God’s incarnation, he or she  will also have to be presented in human form and literature will have to be created on the basis of those human relations. When a poet or writer makes human relations the basis in literature, he or she  also reveals the merits and demerits of human civilisation as well on this planet . Literary purpose is used to awaken souls and give aesthetic flavour to all art forms  . Literary purpose is the attention to the words themselves and a conscious and deliberate arrangement of words to produce a pleasing or rich effect. An author often expresses a worldview when using literary purposes. Literature provides healthy artistic and informative entertainment to the society, which leads to refinement of social values. The compositions research the supremacy of human interest in the context of values through the religious spirit, devotion, social service of the society. This approach proves literature useful for human life. Literature ,it helps us to feel the wide world outside and around us. It changes our perspective of things, people and events. It broadens the horizons of our mind and shapes our worldview. From this point of view, the mutual relation between literature and society becomes clear depending on each other. The meaning of saying ‘literature is the mirror of the society’ is that literature is not only an efficient picture of the society, but it also has a responsibility towards institutionalising a strong foundation of building a great social skeletal structure of human values that depict gifts of gratitude and kindness .

In literature, there is an expression of experiences and feelings based on era and circumstances. This expression is through the heart of the writer. Poets and littérateurs water their thoughts with their the essence of integrating society with character building and moral values , so that the coming generations may taste its sweet fruit. That’s why every littérateur tries that the subject on which he or she provides an extension on literature, its roots are deeply related to the society, its problems. It is necessary to get complete information related to the said social subject before speaking on the burning issues. It is imperative as each and every word that comes out from the pen of a littérateur  is capable of bringing change in the society.

The truth is that both the depictions of any expressions of life via literature and society go hand in hand. The basic consciousness or spirit of any type of literature, the main basis, is the all-round progress of the human society. The purpose of each type of literature is that by leaving all kinds of attachment, malice, hatred, jealousy, exploitation, impure thoughts etc., the human being tries to know the existence and power of that God , Almighty God or any force or form of energy that drives life on Earth .

Literature is the determinant of the values of the society and it is necessary to preserve its basic elements because literature is a beautiful expression of thoughts and feelings that reveal the truth of life. It is necessary that prolific writers keep creating magic through the divinity of literature by making social welfare their goal and integrating mankind through a higher ascension of striking an equilbrium between the inner and outer world . All of us will have to make this meaningful effort, measures should be taken in such a way that “interconnection between society and culture” can be established. And what efforts should be made, what arrangements should be made, which can be termed as “inner threads of society and culture”.

-© Mayaa SH

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