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National Integration Through Writing by Shrikrut Kuraware

PeopleNational Integration Through Writing by Shrikrut Kuraware

“National integration” is the awareness of a common identity amongst the citizens of a country . It means that even though the individuals belong to varied communities, castes, religions, cultures , regions etc. and speak different languages, all of them realise the fact that they are one. It plays a vital role in modern times to fight and win over challenges like communalism, regionalism , terrorism , epidemics and the like. Some of the important and inseparable elements of “ National integration “ includes – Democracy, fundamental rights , fundamentals duties , unified judiciary system , secularism, common national emblem and national festivals . These can be called as “ The foundation of integrated society” Because in absence of any of the above essentials it would be really tough for a country to progress or prosper .

National integration through writing is simply unifying the citizens through the means of writing . Writing can be any forms like – Articles, compositions, poetries, story, biopics, case study etc. Selection of writing styles, niches and languages can be a personal choice or according to readers interest. Verbal communication has its own importance but when it comes to authenticity and reliability , written communication is far more authentic. Now a days , writing is used as a moderator too . Because talking orally may give birth to violence, hate speech due to presence of voice & sound by all the parties . Whereas reading the written facts and replying them in text would compel them to deal in a calm way. It gives time to all the parties to think , calculate , drive conclusions and then revert . There’s a huge crowd of people who prefer to read books , magazines , blogs etc. regularly. They love to read something informative , ethical , delightful. Something which gives them knowledge, peace, happiness and satisfaction. For which, there must be a good quality and quantity of writers , who can write for them and exchange their thoughts with everybody. Hence, it becomes a prime and foremost responsibility of individual writers to write about the actuality and not merely overwhelming the readers even though it’s hazardous or void for them just for humour and amusement. If each and every writer , thinker begins to move this way than we can save our society from falling or deviating themselves in the ocean of rumours and misconceptions . This is the bitter truth that every second writer is hiding in their heart . Just like there are horns before a flower, dark before a sunrise and pains before gains . Similarly , you’ll face a heap of critics before you while moving on this path. But if your intent is positive plus efforts are endless than you can definitely achieve your goal . The youth posses the power to integrate the population of the nation into one unit. They have the capability to debate , communicate and motivate according to the situation . By the means of various themes , genres, niches and languages they can communicate with different groups of people effectively. We can try to write and focus on the topics related to social improvement, books technology, human values, ethics.

It’s been rightly said -” Hammers don’t hurt , it provide values to useless stone. And a challenging life teaches a person to be strong even after being alone”. Never feel discouraged or demotivated in your writing journey. Try to do more and more research on the content you’ve written or writing. All the above factors could help to strengthen our nation internally and morally. This way we could again see happy – united faces and “The Golden Bird” flying happily in the pleasing sky of India.

About Shrikrut Kuraware

Shrikrut Kuraware is an Indian Motivational writer, poet, and essayist. He says, “After an outstanding experience for the last several issues of The Eagle Eye Magazine, I’m ready for another one. Also , the topic “ National Integration through writing “ was really very exciting for me this time. I tried to combine my skills, experiences with social knowledge. The research work is literally  a new experience for me. This is one of the most distinct topics I have written yet . I hope and wish that I could inspire the readers and integrate our country through this one. Happy reading.”

[ The “Write and Feature Festival” by Digital Golgappa is a unique initiative to encourage writing talent from across the globe by empowering their words through a wide global reach. The above content was shared as an entry to this festival. Special thanks to The Update India, News Pravesh, Funky News, Yalta News, and Tales That Matter for making this initiative successful. ]



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